JaguarPC is a hosting company to avoid

After being a customer of JaguarPC hosting service for almost 7 years, I finally decided to move away from them. I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone for 3 main reasons.

Lack of loyal customer care

I had been using their services for quite a while. Hosting is a very competitive business and as with all businesses, prices seem to drop over time. JaguarPC in fact did drop the price of my hosting packaged back in the 2009, but they failed to notify me about the change. I was paying about 25% higher price for 3 years.

Reward points without a reward

They also have this reward points system. Over the years I accumulated 4758 of them. Sounds great, but there is no way of using those points!

File size limit

They have about 150MB file size limit on their shared hosting accounts. They claim that large files affect their server stability on shared hosting plans. This is such a stupid reason. They are running Linux for their shared hosting plans and I’ve never heard that large files could cause stability problems on this operating system.

To sum everything up, JaguarPC feels like a dinosaur in the age of Internet. I would recommend to avoid them at any cost.